The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) has banned the imports of all live birds from Russia due to the outbreak of a highly pathogenic strain of N5N2 bird flu.

Some days ago the World the World Organisation for Animal Health has notified about the outbreak in the region of Rostovskaya Oblast in Russia. Based on the information the MoCCAE has taken the decision to ban the import of all of the domestic and wild live birds along with meats and meat products.

Previously affected provinces – Kurskaya Oblast, Astrakhanskaya Oblast, Respublika Kalmykiya, Kostromskaya Oblast, and Voronezhskaya Oblast in the Russian Federation have also banned by the government.

“These measures reiterate the ministry’s keenness in achieving its strategic objectives including enhancing bio-security levels and eliminating pathogens before they enter the country. In doing so, the ministry prevents the bird flu virus and impacts on the country’s poultry health and safety,” said Dr. Majid Sultan Al Qassimi, the director of animal development at the health department at the MoCCAE.



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