The UAE government carries on its efforts for supporting its citizens in this year and will leave no Emirati behind. That was the commitment made by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, the Prime minister and Ruler of Dubai, during a Cabinet meeting. In the meeting, Sheikh Mohammed glanced back on the achievements of the  UAE government for its citizens in the last year, claiming the Cabinet would continue to push for more advantages and possibilities for Emiratis this year.

He said on Twitter, “ Today, I chaired a UAE Cabinet meeting, in which we reviewed last year’s outcomes and plan for 2019”.

“Emirati station was increased by 200 percent in 2018 and we want to double the effort in 2019 ”.He said, “ We granted 7,000 homes for citizens in 2018 and we are working with local governments to ensure no Emirati is left without a home”.

Sheikh Mohammed said Dh10 billion was approved in social assistance to “vulnerable groups” in the last year. Stating to those groups, he said: “ the government is with them in 2019 and we will not leave anyone behind, nor will they want for anything”.

He said policies involving to families, women, and children were initiated and committed that, in 2019, Emiratis would remain the government’s “ first, second and third priority”.

The proceeds come on the back part of the human feet of Sheikh Mohammed declaring details of a 50-year charter, targeted at refining the lives of citizens and residents alike for the half-century come.


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