Four latest routes for buses along with four express bus services have been introduced in the capital of the Arabian Kingdom declared by the Transport Department of Abu Dhabi.  The express services will cover half numbers of stoppages comparatively than the regular bus services. Four new services have been commenced for diversely connected the various areas between the city.

However, according to the residents, the new services have practically made it more tiring for them to get around.

A 44 years old Sri Lankan nanny said, “ I use the buses on a daily basis to travel to and from work. All of a sudden, last Wednesday, my regular bus service never made it to the stop; I reached work late. And when I asked around the next day, I found that only one bus service now travels to my workplace in Al Zahiyah area, even though there were at least four earlier”.

The nanny lives in a sharing apartment on Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street, widely known as Muroor Road. She included that the new bus network underserved the significant roads.

She added, “ Most importantly, I wish there had been more awareness created about the new services before they were launched so that I could have been prepared”.

According to a Dot statement, the express routes include X2 and X3, which visit from AL Khalidiya to Al Maqta, and X4 and X5 that cover areas between Al Zahiyah and Al Maqta.

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