In Dubai, an Etisalat worker lost one eye after a savage attack on him by three siblings.

Dubai Criminal court was informed that the 30-year-old Pakistani driver entered the villa of the three brothers where he was brutalized by the three men.

On August 5, 2018, the Emirati siblings were carrying out their work at the villa when he entered. The three siblings, one aged 25 and two other aged 33 were sentenced for six months each for attacking the person and making him life-long injured.

According to the reports, the Etisalat technicians were installing surveillance cameras at the property and the driver was waiting outside for them to finish their works. Meanwhile, he went inside to let them know that he had to go to a nearby mosque.

The driver said, “It was time for Al Isha prayers and I wanted to let them know that I will be going to a nearby mosque.”

He further added that he also tried to call one of them but he did not have balance in his mobile. He entered the villa as the door was left open and called for them when one of them arrived and started to slap the driver repeatedly and the other two brothers joined him, attacking him brutally.

“I was on the ground and they were kicking and hitting me. I received a blow to the head with a solid object, I tried to crawl outside but one of them dragged me back in, ” the victim told the sources.

The colleague technicians of the driver tried to stop them but they were removed from the house when the technicians immediately informed their supervisors about the incident.

When Police came they found the victim lying on the ground next to his vehicle.

A first lieutenant at Dubai Police told that “He was brutalized, his face was all swollen and most of his severe injuries were in the head area.”

The 30 years old victim had been in a coma for seven days at Rashid Hospital. When he came back to consciousness he was told by the doctors that his left eye got damaged after the attack.



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