An official said on Sunday, that three members of a family were killed in a dreadful traffic accident on Saturday evening on Dubai-Al-Ain road. The accident took place near Al Lisali bridge towards Al Ain. The man, his wife and his sister three had an accident when a white Nissan Patrol collided with a Toyota Yaris in the middle of the road.
The director of Al Faqa police station, Colonel Saeed Helal Al Khaeely said that Pakistani driver, his sister, and his wife died in the accident while his son remained alive after the crash. The age of the victims and the child were not immediately known.
“The accident happened at 8:45 pm. The Toyota car, driven by the Pakistani man had stopped in the middle of the highway due to a minor accident. The man didn’t move his car to the side of the road and a Nissan Patrol driver crashed into the car from behind,” Col Al Khaeely added.
Meanwhile, it was confessed by the Emirati driver of the Patrol that he was paying attention to the road when the accident happened. According to the officials, he also did not leave a safe distance and driver of the Patrol suffered minor injuries and he was treated at the hospital. “Due to the impact, the car was pushed out the road and the father, his sister, and wife sustained serious injuries and died later. Their son suffered minor injuries and is recovering at Rashid Hospital,” they stated.

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