On Sunday, Dr. Khalid Jamal Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) comes closer to the end of his Abu Dhabi-Makkah Run as he entered Makkah region.
On February 1 the man started his run from Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and he was determined to cover 2,070 km distance from Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the Great Mosque of Makkah where he will end the running challenge.
According to him as he gets closer to the Great Mosque of Makkah, his spirits and capabilities increase and he feels able to complete this extraordinary challenge despite all the difficulties. He also remarked that he is trying his best to increase his daily average run to reach the Great Mosque on the planned or even earlier.
Dr. Al Suwaidi has set a great instance that nothing is impossible in life and his attempt which was once considered impossible by many is to become a reality. He has given motivation to everyone to overcome the “impossible”.
Dr. Al Suwaidi said that his inspiration is his father Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the ECSSR, who overcame cancer after a fierce battle.
Dr. Al Suwaidi will have traveled 2,070 km to Makkah through continuous running and walking which he had never attempted before.

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