For the last two days, a video went viral on Youtube showing a ‘20kg gold bar challenge at DXB’.Eventually, Dubai Airport told the sources that it has never organized any such and events and claimed it as fake news.
The video was even making headlines in the international media. It was published in several media channels that the ‘Dubai Airports’ challenge gave travelers a golden chance and the video shows people are trying to lift a 20 kg gold bar through a small hole out of a glass box.

The Dubai airport authority refuses to organize ‘20kg gold bar challenge at DXB’ |
The organizers quoted the challenge saying “If you can lift it, it’s yours.” One popular newspaper even talked of an eventual winner who through sheer “perseverance” managed to pull the bar out in a “comfortable manner”.
But a Dubai Airports spokesperson told the reporters, “Dubai Airports can confirm that this installation is not currently, nor has been in the past, positioned at either of our airports [Dubai International and Dubai World Central].”

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