A Syrian man in the UAE reunited with his family after a long time after they escaped the war but now he is ruined and thinking of having to send them back as he has lost his job and is unable to fulfill their expenses.

In 2016, Hassan Ibrahim’s wife and four children were left homeless in Syria due to the war before finally arriving at Ajman. One of his sons was sent to a refugee camp in Germany. Ibrahim’s house is located in a village near Jarabulus where the fighting between Daesh and the Kurdish is continuing near the Euphrates River.

He didn’t get any job in the UAE for several months. “Life is very expensive here and, like all other families, we also have so many expenses. It has become really difficult to pay the rent, buy food, cover our bills and buy my wife and children what they need since I lost my job,” Ibrahim told the reporters.

“If I keep them here, where will we live? If I don’t pay the rent soon, we can be evicted. Our visas will expire soon, and I can’t legally keep them here much longer. I plan to stay on a visit visa and keep looking for a job, so I can bring them back – but no one is giving me a job,” he expressed his grief.

The Syrian man had worked as a construction site manager in Dubai for the past eight years and was earning Dh14,000 monthly. His children were offered education for free by a Dubai school.

“We were so lucky to get free schooling, my family was together again – everything was great. But, now, we are facing a very difficult time. I will stay on a visit visa and look for a job, so I can bring my family back one day,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim has planned to send his family back in summer vacation of school and they will take shelter in a relative’s home until they can arrange their own accommodation.

Ibrahim is afraid of the thought that his family’s life will be in danger once he sends them back.


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