On Monday night, a rare astronomical phenomenon is going to happen which is a Super Blood Wolf Moon. The UAE residents will only be able to see the Supermoon, the first of three Supermoons this year.

According to the source, the moon will come close to the earth and so the moon will appear slightly bigger by around 13 percent and brighter than the usual full moon. The unusual astronomical events in the skies and a total lunar eclipse will give the moon a reddish color which is commonly known as a blood moon.

The term ‘wolf’ is added because the full moon is happening in January and in this month full moons are often called as ‘wolf moon’ or ‘great spirit moon’.

The citizen of UAE will only be able to see the Supermoon. The lunar eclipse that will occur in total UAE at 7.04 am will not be seen by the UAE because of the full appearance of the sun in the sky at that time.

The CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group, Hassan Al Hariri, suggested the people of UAE choose a high point or find an open area to get the best view of the Supermoon.

He also said that an event at Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre is being organized for the public by the  Dubai Astronomy group.

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