Bank customers are being rounded by a new fraud in UAE. Sharjah police are spreading alertness in the people over suspicious text messages.

Some frauds are trying to represent themselves as bank employees and they are sending text messages to the bank customers to fall them into their trap, warned the Sharjah Police General Command.

It has come to know that the alleged bank employees calling the customer appeal to update their bank statement and also requests to provide them the information and details of their bank accounts, confidential PIN numbers, and debit card numbers.

Once the victims fall in the trap by giving the details of their account the suspect then steals the amount from the bank account.

Police officials of Sharjah assured that they are investigating in the case and following up on all the complained cases of bank fraud in order to arrest the suspects.

“Bank customers who receive such messages completely ignore them and not deal with them in any manner,” said the police.

Meanwhile, the police have suggested the people five ways to avoid from being a victim of the bank fraud. They advised not to interact with strange numbers, to maintain the confidentiality of personal financial information, to inform immediately security services on receiving a suspicious telephone call, taking extra awareness handling unknown telephone messages and calls, to always verify the source, to contact police to the non-emergency number 901 on receiving strange messages.

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