To rejoice and celebrate the Spirit of Youth, the first edition of the Shaikh Sultan Award has been launched by Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, on Thursday.
The award will be applicable only for UAE residents of any nationality in the 13-18 group. During a ceremony at Al Bade’a Palace, Shaikh Sultan also presented the winners of initial edition of the award with certificates and medals.
The Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah and Sharjah Youth presented 66 members for the preparatory edition of the award among them 47 were selected for the final. The award comprised three levels of recognition- gold, silver, and bronze. Several fields were included for the award like- adventure, volunteering skills, and hobbies. If any contestant is eager to register for one more section, the applicants have to complete particular hours of activity in the particular field. After completing the required hours, they can register and upload their documents and video to showcase their achievement on personal accounts. These personal accounts the contestant can easily create on the award’s website.
As an example, those who have registered for the ‘Adventure’ section have to devote a certain number of hours to a variety of adventure-based activities such as mountain climbing or camping.
Just like above each field has different categories of activity. The gold medal is given to only those who have 40 hours of volunteering, a five-day, four-night adventure, 40 hours of skill development and showcase a hobby in a 5-10 minute video. For a silver medal, applicants must have 30 hours of volunteering, a four-day, three-night adventure, spend 30 hours on developing a skill, and showcase a hobby in a 5-10 minute video. For a bronze, applicants must have 20 hours of volunteering and a three-day, two-night adventure.

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