On Tuesday, Sharjah Police introduced bicycle patrols in Khor Fakkan to save time. The launched patrols will cover the beach area of the City. Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak Bin Amer, Sharjah Police Deputy Commander-in-Chief, said the patrols would enhance response times besides ensuring security in the community.
According to Brig, officers on bicycles can often reach to the accident or crime sites faster than their colleagues in four-wheelers because they have to deal with traffic. Bin Amer claimed that the bikes will provide the same service and assistance that police cars offer.
Each bicycle will be fit for one officer and it has emergency lights as well as tools for communication with the police operation room. It was also said by the officials that the officers are highly trained and will wear special police uniforms.
Brig also stated that Sharjah Police is trying their best to give the best services to ensure the security, safety, and peace in the emirate.  Lieutenant Colonel Walid Khamis Al Yamahi, head of the Khor Fakkan Comprehensive Police Station, said that this is the first bicycle patrol used by the Khor Fakkan police station to carry out its duties on the beaches of the city.
He said this will help to achieve the directives of the General Directorate of Sharjah Police. He also pointed out that bicycles can move on sand quickly and easy to use than patrol cars, to provide quicker service.

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