A motorist allegedly hitting an African man on Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road fled the scene. Later he has been arrested by the Sharjah police. The driver left the victim dead said the police on Thursday.

The police suspected that man was responsible for the hit and arrested him. When the police arrived at the site they immediately took him to  Al Qassimi Hospital but he could not survive. The police later announced the African victim to be dead.

When the police investigated the arrested suspect over the case he confessed that he had run over the man. The defendant has been referred to public prosecution.

Sharjah Police urged all the motorists to obey the traffic rules for the safety of the rider as well as others and also urged to stop provide assistance in case of an accident. According to the law, running away from an accident scene is a crime is punishable by law and may lead to a jail sentence or a fine.

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