Pink Caravan is on its ninth edition providing more than 1,750 free check-ups and breast screenings across the emirates. On Saturday morning, the caravan started from Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club. On Sunday it cantered through Ajman after that it reached to Dubai on Monday for a couple of kilometer ride.
On Saturday, 15 male and female volunteer riders were present there covering 37 kilometers across the emirate of Sharjah. The Pink Caravan aims to prevent cancer and its early detection. The seven-day journey is going to end on March 2.
The campaign has dedicated each day for every emirate. The campaign has successfully reached out to more than 56,000 UAE citizens as well as providing free treatment to 5,000 patients suffering from cancer.

Pink Caravan has started their campaign, 5,000 patients has given free cancer treatment |
They targeted four main locations across Sharjah including – Sahara Centre, Sharjah National Park, Souq Al Jubail and Mega Mall to provide the free medical examinations exclusively for men.
Badr Al Juaidi, Manager of the Pink Caravan Ride, said that “The PCR’s ninth edition set off from Sharjah to continue the journey of awareness and hope in its fight against breast cancer, which began in 2011 through the promotion of awareness messages and providing free detection examinations to all community segments. On its first day, the ride saw an impressive public interaction. The clinics also received an impressive turnout.”
On Monday the Caravan will be heading to Dubai.

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