An online service has been launched by the driving license department of Sharjah Police. The service will be available on the website of the Sharjah Driving Institute.
The people who want to apply for the driving license will be benefited by this service as the service includes electronic registration and e-learning.
To enhance the satisfaction of the customer, the service is aimed at helping Sharjah Police meet the strategic objective of the Ministry of Interior.
Lieutenant Colonel and the Director of the licensing department, Humaid Saeed Al Jallaf stated that the electronic service will help the public to keep pace with technological advances worldwide.
Students will also get help by the e-learning services as they will be able to attend theory lectures online with verification of their attendance. Traffic culture and information will be explained in a detailed, flexible and uncomplicated way.
Online payments of fees are also available for the students. Students can make inquiries about registration, contact information, course data, dates of practical training and materials prescribed. Examination dates and results also will be available. They can also request to change instructors, date of the examination, training schedule or location etc.

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