On Wednesday, a 14-year-old boy died after he fell from a 15 floors tower block in an apparent suicide attempt in Sharjah. His grandfather alleged that online games are responsible for the death of his grandson.
According to the statement of a family member, the boy studied in ninth standard at a school in his native Ukraine, arrived in UAE on Thursday to visit his grandparents who lived in Sara Tower in Al Majaz 3.
The parents of the boy had a divorce. The mother lives in Ukraine and the father is a professor at a university in Madinah in Saudi Arabia.
The boy’s parents were divorced with the mother living in Ukraine and the father teaching at a university in Madinah in Saudi Arabia.
The boy’s grandfather told reporters that he had noticed a difference in his grandson’s attitude and behavior of late. He blamed that on online video games had made his grandson depressed, causing him to isolate himself from others.
The Sharjah police were informed to an apparent suicide at 3.45am on Wednesday morning. The police said that there were no suspicious circumstances after the forensic reports came. The forensic reports claimed that the boy had died because of falling and receiving multiple injuries to his arms and face.
Though his grandfather has blamed the online games for the death the police yet have not given any confirmation about it.
“We are waiting for his brother to reach the country to find out which types of games he was playing,” the grandfather told Gulf News. “His family members are shocked at his death,” he added.
The owner of the supermarket below the building said, “The teen is a polite boy and he came to UAE only yesterday. He regularly came to the country to visit his relatives. He used to buy stuff from the supermarket. His death has shocked all the residents.”

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