Police ensured about the investigation of a robbery of Dh624,000 from a Pakistani national who had extracted the amount from the bank. He was besieged by a group of men near his home at Bu Daniq area.  An official of Sharjah Police said the operations room accepted a call in the last week from the victim, who was reportedly endangered by men nearby his home who stole his money and ran away.

Police claimed, “We have already intensified our search for the suspects. During the preliminary investigation, the victim told us that he had withdrawn money from a bank before heading to his home located at Bu Daniq area. When he parked his car near his home, he was attacked by a group of men who stole his money ”.

During the cross-interrogation, the victim said he could not remember how many people were connected in the molesting, excepting that there were more than two men. The police official said it was possible that the mistrusts might have been tracking the movements of the victim.

A team of the Criminal Investigation Department is on the case and the probe is still going on. We have also accepted multiple reports about a sequel of robberies that aimed residents who were endangered after they extract money from their banks, according to the explanation by the police officer who recognized that the looters reportedly broke the windows of vehicles and stole the cash.

Sharjah Police are alerting residents to take safeguards and not leave money in their vehicles, in addition to adopting a reliable person while withdrawing large amounts of cash from the banks or ATMs.

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