Dubai Police said on Tuesday that a man sustained moderate injuries after colliding his jet-ski into the rocks off Mamzar Park. Lieutenant Colonel Ali Al Naqbi, director of the Sea Rescue Department at Ports Police Station said they were informed over the phone about a jet-ski crashing into a groyne or breakwater near Mamzar Park on Monday.

Sea patrol rushed to the site and immediately rescue the man who was in the water. Lt Col Al Naqbi said, “We have a sea patrol near the area which reached the site in record time and secured the area.”

“We pulled the man out of the water before transferring him to hospital,” he added. “He sustained moderate injuries and is recovering,” Al Naqbi further claimed.

The public was requested by Colonel Obaid bin Hodhaiba, deputy director of Ports Police Station, to take proper precautions while operating watercraft. He advised the public to contact 999 in emergencies and give specific details of the location of the emergency in order to aid response times.

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