Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s son Salah has refused a financial settlement with the Saudi Government, spoke loud in defence of the Kingdom, ahead of the first anniversary of his father’s murder. 

Khashoggi is a royal family an insider turned critic –  was executed and dismembered at the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul on October 22, 2018, in an operation that allegedly involved fifteen agents sent from Riyadh. His dead body was yet not found. 

Eleven unknown suspects have been on trial in Riyadh, with five of them facing the death sentence. 

Junior Khashoggi said that he had “full confridence” in the judicial system, hits out at opponents, said were seeking to exploit the case. 

He tweets, “A year has gone by since the passing of my beloved father. During this time, opponents and enemies in the East and West sought to exploit his case…to undermine my country and leadership.”

Salah resides in Saudi, continued that “I will not accept that his memory and case be taken advantage of to achieve that after his passing.”

“I have full confidence in the Kingdom’s judicial system and in its ability to serve justice to those behind this heinous crime,” added Salah Khashoggi. 

On April 1, the Washington Post has reported that the victim’s children, including Salah, had received multimillion-dollar homes and paid thousands of dollars per month by the authorities. 

Both the UN Special Envoy and the CIA have directly linked Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed-bin Salman to Jamal Khashoggi’s murder case. However, the charges have been rejected by the Kingdom.

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