The panelists told at the discussion of the World Government Summit, the role of reliable communication in crisis management is crucial. The session ,attended by the Director General of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy , Bernardino Leon  , as well as the former ambassador of Belgium and director general of the think tank Egmont Institute Johan Verbeke and the official coalition representative of the Global Coalition Nancy Jamal, to Defeat Daresh was updated by Noora AL Abbar from the Government of Dubai Media Office.

Bernardino Leon told, “While you can anticipate a crisis in a corporate set-up, crises in political life are unique and one can never be fully prepared for them. “

Mentioning to the Catalonia crisis, he told it exhibited how keeping machinery old is vital. He told the crisis had guided the world many lessons – from valuing the privacy of the victim and keeping calm and reassuring the public to not surrendering under pressure and taking time to reply to the situation.

He also added, “It is also important to stay humble and show gratitude at such times ”. Following lessons from the crisis of Libya, he told it is important to maintain a balance between secrecy and the clarity for avoiding polarisation.

Ambassador Johan Verbeke told, “One definition of a diplomat is that he is a crisis manager. As a pattern in the crises I have dealt with, I have found three things: information is incomplete and you have to act on sudden and dramatic developments; what is sudden and dramatic also lends itself to exaggeration, sentimentalism, and emotionalism; and thirdly, much of the developments thereafter are influenced by the kind of interpretation and extrapolation of the crisis. ”

He also highlighted the significance of compromise in a negotiation. He added, “It is not a sign of weakness but of wisdom. When you are in a negotiation, you never should push the opponent to the bottom of the discussion. Always, leave a room for respectability as you may have to deal with him later ”, including it is a question of how far you can go, without going too far.

Jamal figured out the strategies of the communications acquired by the Global Coalition to Defeat daesh and the post-Daesh stabilization campaigns. She informed the task before them to provide inner flexibility to the communities and build international networks for combatting the new aspects of technology and communication which the Daesh implemented to attract people.

She noted, “ We had to counter their efforts with a positive narrative”.

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