According to a survey report, 96.7 percent of residents in Al Rashidiya feel safer. However, in 2017 the number was 95.8 percent, which is 0.9 less compared to that in 2018.

Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri said that the security programmes implemented in the station have assisted to increase the feeling of safety in Al Rashidiya.

Al Merri said, “Al Rashidiya police station includes residential, commercial and industrial areas beside many government bodies and educational institutes. The station implemented security programmes, which helped increase people’s sense of safety to 96.7 percent in 2018.”

Security programmes at Al Rashidiya station has covered 220 sq km of Dubai, adopted innovative initiatives taken are using drones to monitor the area and knowledgeable programmes to reduce the crime number.

The Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police has also praised the efforts of the cheque section that settled cheque cases involved Dh304 million in 2018, compared to Dh369 million in 2017.

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