A Dubai Court of First Instance heard that fours workers got imprisoned for six months for stealing furniture worth thousands of dirhams from their labor camp.
The defendants were, one Indian security guard, 55, two Nepalese aged 34 and 47, and a Bangladeshi worker, 36 stole 1,500 mattresses, 1,500 small wardrobes, 172 clothes drying racks, 1,500 bunker beds, 134 small dining tables, 262 chairs, and two TV sets and sold that furniture illegally for their own profit.
They were robbing the furniture for months before. One morning one of their fellow workers spotted them and caught them on camera. On June 2018, the Pakistani driver was going to work when he witnessed the four men loading furniture from their accommodation of a construction company in Jebel Ali into a pickup truck, the Pakistani driver testified.
He showed the video to his supervisor who informed the company’s manager. When the manager asked them to give him the money that they have gained by selling the furniture but they refused and he called the Dubai police. The four defendants were arrested.

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