On Tuesday, Police declared the closure of Emirates Road from Saqr Park to Al-Rams area, between 7 am to 10 am the next day, aims a mock car accident drill. Traffic of the RAK road will be diverted to an optional road, with the help of the concerned authorities.

Central Operation Department’s Director General Brigadier Dr. Mohammad Saeed Al Humaidi said that the accident drill will be staged in the prospect to test the response time during an emergency of the police patrols, Civil Defence vehicles and ambulances as well.

Brigadier Humaidi continued, “It will be carried out to judge the ability of the police personnel and the emergency teams of all the other related departments to respond swiftly in the occurrence of a car accident [on a] busy road. The aim of the drill is to raise the efficiency of the concerned authorities to deal with any emergency situation and enhance coordination and cooperation among them.”

“The drill to be held to judge the level of cooperation between related departments in an emergency and to make the officials of various emergency teams aware of their responsibilities in an emergency situation, especially in such [a] vital place,” he added.

These types of accident drills mainly help the department to point out weak links and try to avoid this weakness in future, said Brigadier Humaidi.

He further appealed to motorists and resident to assist them at the time of their practice.

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