On Thursday, French Foreign Ministry said that it would impose sanctions against 18 Saudi citizens over the murder of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi last month in Istanbul.

“These measures… aim to prohibit these individuals from entering national territory and the entire Schengen area” of Europe, said the Foreign Ministry in a statement.

It continued that “they are conservative measures, subject to review or extension based on the findings of the investigation underway.”

Saudi Arabia said that it has put 21 suspects into custody, with death penalties was also sought against five convicts.

Riyadh faces international pressure to find those culprits, responsible for the murdering of Khashoggi, US resident who wrote for ‘The Washington Post’ and had been most of the time critical of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed-bin-Salman.

Recently, CIA analysis was leaked to the media report of the United States, which pointed finger at Prince Mohammed. However, Saudi prosecutor claims that Saudi Crown Prince does not have played any role in the murdering of the journalist.

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