On Wednesday, an Egyptian man broke several television sets at electronics repairing shop in Sharjah’s Al Guwanair area. After he had a fight with the owner of the repairing shop, he took the step to break them all. He accused the shop owner’s failure to fix his Television set repeatedly.

53-years old Egyptian man has paid the 18-years old technician Dh100 to fix the issue in his TV set.

After he took the repaired TV set to his house, he found that the problem was not resolved and the TV is not working. He then immediately reported the repairing shop about the issue and went to resolve it but got involved in verbal arguments with the TV technician, who was Pakistani. The Egyptian man wanted his money to be returned as they failed to fix the issue. However, the repairing shop owner refused to return the paid money, which angry the man and he immediately broke several Television sets at the shop.

Both the customer and the shop owner sustained major wounds in the fight and were lifted to a nearby hospital for medical aid.

Investigation in this issue is undergone by the Al Gharb Police.

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