To celebrate the rejoice of International Women’s Day, Mona Al Merri, the Vice-President of the UAE Gender Balance Council rung the Gender Equality Bell of the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).
The ceremony highlights the crucial role which has been played by the DFM in empowering women in the capital market sectors as well as boosting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Gender Equality (Goal Five). Seventy global exchanges took part in the event.
In 2012, the UAE cabinet approved a decision to make it compulsory to include women to corporations and government sectors on the boards of directors which make the UAE first country in the region.
According to Al Merri, the outcome of the initiative was positive. “We are in constant contact with Dubai Financial Market and public shareholding companies to support this initiative. This is in line with global examples that demonstrate that the presence of women in leadership positions positively impacts the performance of companies,” she stated.
Al Merri also observed that female representation in federal government leadership positions increased to 17 percent in 2018.
Eisa Kazim, Chairman of DFM, said: “Over the past years, the DFM has accelerated its efforts to empower women and strengthen gender balance in collaboration with various institutions in the UAE and beyond. We look forward to seeing these efforts gain further momentum in order to realize the leadership’s vision and national goals pertaining to gender balance and empowering women.
“We deeply believe that joint efforts provide us with a solid foundation for greater success in the future, especially in terms of increasing women’s representation in the board of directors of listed companies to 20 percent.”

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