Dubai: For physically assaulting a grocery store vendor, injuring him with a knife, and stealing Dh11,000 worth of cash and products five men have been held for accused, a court heard. The incident occurred in morning August 2016, when the Indian vendor opened the grocery store in AI Mezher.

Three Pakistani men entered the grocery purchased beverages and left, but then returned to the store after a while, as per the records.

Before they store Dh6,500 in cash, du recharge cards and two mobile phones the men assaulted the vendor physically and also stabbed him with a knife.

The records also said that the vendor tried to call for help, the assailants’ men beat him again and stabbed him in the hand.

Soon, injured vendor reported the matter to the police, in a short time the three Pakistanis and their countrymen were arrested, they had earlier committed a crime using the same modus operandi in AI Rashidiya.

During interrogation, it revealed that three men stormed the grocery, assaulted the vendor, robbed him and fled, while the other two kept watching outside.

The five suspects have been identified aged between 28 to 35. Though 31-year-old a Pakistani clerk was accused of possessing part of the stolen items.

Confession of cops at the Dubai Court of First Instance that the six suspects pleaded not guilty and refuted the accusations when they showed up. The Judge Fahd AI Shamsi alleged to presiding suspects that law enforcement officers coerced them into confessing to a crime that they did not commit.

On the other end, A suspect mentioned that “ We were apprehended for committing another heist in AI Rashidi and were tried for that crime. They unfoundedly accused us of this heist as well. But we did not commit it”

“ The vendor has mentioned that three Pakistani men walked into the store on a Friday morning and bought beverages. They left and returned after a while, assaulted and stabbed him with a knife. We identified the suspects who have been arrested for another crime using the same modus operandi. The vendor identified the suspects in the police line-up. In the rounds of  Police questions, the suspects have revealed that three of them stormed into the shop, assaulted the vendor and stole cash and recharge cards, while one watched the place and the fifth waited in the runaway car,” A sergeant of police testified to prosecutors.

The hearing will be held on November 14.

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