Dubai: The weather forecast revealed that UAE residents will enjoy the plan for the National Day long weekend as for the next week includes cloudy skies but no chance of rain. It has been said Temperature will range in the mid-twenties.

According to the NCM (National Centre of Meteorology) the low pressure system that brought in the rain this week has ended and with a high pressure system extending across the Arabian Peninsula. What does that mean?

The NCM also added that on Thursday the humidity will increase by night and early morning with a chance of mist of fog formation, especially over the internal Western areas. Some parts of the Arabian Gulf are expected to be rough.

However, On Friday as well as on Saturday, it might be slightly warmer, with a rise in temperatures forecast. It should not take away from your outdoor fun, as the weather is till expected to be fair.

In addition, on Sunday, brace yourself for stronger winds as wind speeds can go up to 38 km/hr.

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