On Wednesday, the Dubai Police announced that if one follows traffic rules for one full year all your previous gathered fines will be renounced. Motorists with outstanding fines can go on to complete their vehicles registration process without having to pay them.

The fine amount will stay paused until the motorist breaks other traffic rules. The discount will depend on how long he/she avoids committing a violation.

Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, assistant commander-in-chief for operations, said: “The driver’s compliance with traffic laws and regulations would be computed from February 6, 2019, with a 25 percent reduction for every three months. If a driver commits an offense before the end of the period, he or she cannot benefit from the initiative and the grace period is recounted from the date of the new violation.”

If a driver breaks the rule after three months, the person will be eligible for a 25 percent discount on the total amount of fine, person who will be breaking the rule after six months will be given a 50 percent discount on the total fine amount while  those who drive safely for nine months would get a 75 percent reduction. The fine amount will be considered free if the person maintains the traffic rules for one year.

Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, said the programme is a result of a “thorough study of what is happening on the ground”. It is an initiative to keep roads safe while also ensuring the happiness of people he said. “Not only is 2019 the Year of Tolerance, but it is also a year of reconciliation,” Maj-Gen Al Marri said.



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