All the motorists in the UAE have been given a fresh warning by police for not using vehicles with old or expired tyres. In a public service announcement, Abu Dhabi Police reminded motorists that they will be penalized with a Dh500 fine, four black points and have their vehicle impounded for one week if caught using unfit tyres.

Brigadier Salim Bin Barak Al Dhaheri, deputy director of the traffic and patrols department at Abu Dhabi Police, said that old tyres can explode due to a rise in temperatures, pointing out that these types of accidents are the most common during July and August. He also pointed out that from January to June 2019, two people were killed, eight got severely injured and four others were slightly injured in seven traffic accidents which caused due to the explosion of tyres.

In Abu Dhabi, in the same period over 5,376 vehicles were fined and seized for allegedly using damaged or expired tyres. The police requested all motorists to check their vehicle tyres on a regular basis and to examine air pressure to make sure their cars pass the vehicle-renewal test. “Any damages or cracks can lead to serious traffic accidents, and may result in severe injuries and even death,” warned Abu Dhabi Police.

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