On Tuesday, the Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced a 27-years-old Pakistani man with five years in jail, followed by extradition, alleged of raping a 13-years-old boy, who was his Facebook friend.

As per the official records, the incident happened on June 24, 2018, when the victim, who is also a Pakistani went for a long drive with the convict and his two friends in Dubai.

In his statement, the teen boy said that he saw the man, who happened to be his friend on social media, in a car near a mosque in al Muraqqabat area after offering the Friday prayers. The victim claims, “there were three people inside the car and the one I knew via Facebook asked me to come with him for a drive. We stopped to get some pizza and then headed to Al Aweer area.”

According to records, the convict has stopped the car and thrashed the victim, forced him to take off all his clothes and then brutally raped him in front of his friends.

Later, the teen was dropped home by the rapist, warned him against informing anyone about the incident. However, the victim informed his mother and she immediately took him to the Police Station to lodge a complaint.

Dubai Police detained the three suspects but two were referred to the court.

The main convict was charged with rape while the second suspect was charged with sexual molestation as the victim claimed that he had forcefully kissed him. However, both the convict denied the charges and the second convict was sentenced to 3 months jail term, followed by banishment.

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