A security expert had been defeated after appeal and will live in jail for two years on the accusation of molesting and forcing a 13 years old boy to be involved sexually with him in his car. He also blackmailed weaken the boy. In, 2018 in June, the Saudi expert of 29 years old told the 13 years old Syrian boy for going with him to meet an old friend at a shopping mall. After convincing the boy, the man took him with himself in his car and went to a secluded area in Al Warqa. Parking his car in a dark spot, the convict got into the back seat along with the boy, after locking the door of the car.

After the deep threatening for affecting the boy and depriving him of his male identity, the victim boy compelled to the threatening of the man and paired with him in the sexual activity. Then he oppressed the teenager for exposing himself and conduct an indecent act. The defendant then left the boy before a football club in AL Qusais giving him Dh120 for hiring a taxi to return home.

After arriving home, the teenager told his mother about the mishap and his mother reported police about the entire matter.

In Dubai Court, in October the defendant has been convicted for the accusation of molesting and sexual harassment on the teenager.

The defendant pleaded against his initial punishment in front of the Dubai Appeal Court and attempted to find to release himself. He appealed not guilty in the Appeal Court and dismissed the accusations of the boy. But on Wednesday, leading judge Saeed Salem Bin Sarm dismissed the appeal of the defendant and ensured the jail sentence for two years for him.

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