A visitor went on trial for stabbing his roommate to death after an argument over leaving the lights on while the victim tried to take a sound sleep, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.

A 37-years-old Pakistani defendant was staying with the victim and others in a room in Jebel Ali workers’ accommodation but on October 1, 2018, he has awakened his roommate by turning the lights on speaking loudly over the phone.

The victim is Indian and other roommates of them have asked the convict to switch off the lights so that they could sleep but after an acute argument with the victim attacked by the convict. The accused has brutally stabbed the victim Indian worker with a 20 cm knife.

After examination, a 46-years-old Indian supervisor reports that the convict was under the influence of alcohol was staying in the room for 2-days before the incident took place.

The supervisor continued that “His roommates asked him to turn off the lights but he didn’t answer them as he was busy with a phone call. He then caused chaos when the victim asked him to leave the accommodation, as he was still a visitor. He left the room but the victim chased him and both fought outside the room.”

The accused started waving the sharp knife in front of the remaining workers before he stabbed the victim in the chest and flee from the spot. A security guard of the building tried to stop the convict but he threatened him with the blooded knife and escaped from the spot.

A police force has gone to the worker’s accommodation and detained the convict, who was still nearby, hiding out there. The victim was immediately lifted to a nearby hospital for medical aid but died after a few hours.

The convict confessed to committing the crime but said he did not have any intentions to kill the roommate. He was accused of assault, which led to death and also for consuming alcohol. The trial for the case was adjourned until January 27 in order for the convict to present his defence. The convict remains under custody.  

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