The Emirati women, as well as expatriate investors, entrepreneurs, executives and specialists working in medicine, science or research is going to be a receiver of a bouquet of good news in the New Year. The retirees and exceptional students also have the particulars for cheering. A new allocation system that guarantees 50 per cent seats for women in the Federal National Council takes effect from this year while elections will take place to the FNC. The move ensures 20 women out of the 40 members of FNC will either be elected or hired and it is assumed to drive the UAE to the fourth position internationally on a list compiled by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

This year will also witness to see the huge number of women to take entry in the top jobs in diplomatic, judiciary service and the labour market overall, thereby leading in further gender equality to the workplace. The UAE authorities have also set out count to improve the participation of the Emirati women in advanced sciences and to provide compulsory antenatal and postnatal health care to women.

The UAE Cabinet has sanctioned a plan to allocate the foreigners to last in the country even after being retired from 2019 onwards. Outcasts of aged 55 or above will now be permitted to protect a five-year-long retirement visa if they meet certain criteria: If one has belongings worth at least Dh2 million or at least Dh1 million in savings, or an active income of more than Dh20,000 per month.

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Dubai Police Warns People Of Social Media Scam

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