Iran has captured 17 spies working for the United States CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and few have been sentenced to death, report sources. 

Iran’s state TV has published images it said that the CIA officers, who were in touch with the suspected spies. 

There were no immediate remarks on Iran’s allegation by the US Officials or CIA.

In June, Iran has announced that it had broken up a reported CIA spy ring but was doubtful whether today’s announcement was connected to the same case. 

The announcement came after 3-months of twisting confrontation between the West and Iran, which started when new tighter the US Sanction took effect in May. 

Last week, Iran has captured a UK oil tanker after the Royal Marines of Britain has seized an Iranian tanker on July 4. 

In a statement read on state TV, the Ministry of Intelligence has said that 17 spies were detained during the calendar year of Iran ended on March 2019.

“The identified spies were employed insensitive and vital private sector centres in the economic, nuclear, infrastructure, military, and cyber areas… where they collected classified information,” reads the Ministry statement.

In a separate report, the semi-official Fars news agency has quoted a Ministry of Intelligence Official saying that those detained had been sentenced to death. 

On Monday, an Iranian TV documentary aired on profess to show a CIA officer security a man from Iran in the UAE.

“Because there are so many intelligence officers in Dubai. It is very dangerous… Iranian intelligence,” a woman was found telling an Iranian in the documentary regarding reported CIA spying in Iran that was broadcast on state TV. 

The woman talked in Persian with an accent that appeared to be American. 

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