Sharjah: In UAE Students of Indian School set two Guinness World Records by forming the largest human image of a coffee pot and a transforming image of coffee being poured into a cup. Nearly, 5,445 students of the Indian International School Sharjah (IISS) formed the transforming image of a UAE, to enter into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The event was organized by the Pace Education Group chairman P.A Ebrahim Haji was announced as officially Amazing by Guinness adjudicator Sair Khalloof. He conferred two records to the participants.

The first one was a new record for forming the largest human image of the coffee pot and the second one was for breaking an existing record of the largest transforming human image as a group of children moved from the pot to the cup to illustrate coffee being poured into the cup.

However, the school said that it close Dallah as the record-setting image since its significance can be traced back to the age-old Emirati tradition of welcoming guests with a steaming cup of Arabic coffee accompanied by dates.

The school stated that “ This cultural mainstay even appears on the most widely used denomination of the UAE currency, the Dh1 coin. Understanding that the Dallah is deeply rooted in Arab culture and that it represents a symbol of unity, harmony, and generosity, the students of IISS, engaged in the first attempt of its kind to showcase the largest human image of the Dallah by setting a new record”

He further mentions “ Moments later, they transformed into a brewing pot serving coffee into the cup, which resonated the message of values served graciously to the expatriates by the great nation and citizens of the UAE”

On June 22, 2017, the similar record for largest transforming human image was set by 2,500 people in Spain.

The similar title belonged to 2,223 students of Gems Education in Dubai who set the same record during the UAE National Day celebrations in 2016.

This achievement for the Indian International School became their third Guinness World Record. Around 4,882 students have set a recorded for forming the largest human image of a traditional UAE boat on November 14 last year, which is celebrated as Children Day in India.

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