On Monday, an Indian man committed suicide inside a Dubai school. The incident has shocked his family members and colleagues. The GEMS Jumeirah College declared the death of one of its staff members on the campus. Dubai police gave the confirmation to the reporters that he has committed suicide.
The name to the suicider is Shibin Godwin. He belonged to south Indian state Kerala. His colleagues and family persons are seeking answers why did he choose the extreme step of finishing himself. His colleagues said that Godwin was a shy person and he did not interact with much people other than his roommates.
“He had brought his wife on visit visa recently. She is staying with his brother’s family. He used to go and stay over there during the weekends,” said one of them.
Another one stated he was not in a good mood for the past couple of days and that he was not eating from the room.
His roommates added they have no idea why he committed suicide. When the school administration contacted his brother he said their family also had no idea. The school restricted the students from going to the block where Godwin was found dead. It has been said by the school authority that “We discussed about it [the death on the campus] in the first period. We are going to have an assembly tomorrow [in memory of him].”

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