The Indian Consulate in Dubai has clarified in an advisory for foreigners traveling to India that the E-visa holders now can travel to any designated port of entry in India, irrespective of the port mentioned in their application.

“It is clarified that the government of India allows all foreign nationals possessing e-visa to enter India through any of the 28 designated international airports or five major seaports in India, irrespective of the port of arrival mentioned in the e-visa application form or Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA),” the mission said in a social media post.

“All foreigners holding e-visa, which is currently available to nationals of 167 countries, can avail this facility to India,” the mission added.

Meanwhile, foreigners traveling to India were warned by the Pravasi Bharatiya Sahayata Kendra (NRI Help Desk) in Dubai against individuals and fake e-visa portals claiming to provide fast e-visa services. It further stated that India has not appointed any authorized agents for e-Visa and that it should only be done through

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