Abu Dhabi: In the rape and murder case of an 11-year-old Pakistani boy on December 23, the Abu Dhabi Cassation Court will pronounce its final judgment and the presiding judge of the apex court said in Abu Dhabi.

During Ramadan a Pakistani man accused of raping and killing his nephew in May 2017. During the session in the court, he was present and continued to deny the charges of murder and rape at the apex court too.

Abu Dhabi Cassation Court presiding judge asked the accused about committing the crimes of rape and murder of Azan, but the accused, Mohsen Bilal, kept denying.

On the day of the incident accused was not present in the city of Abu Dhabi said the accused to court. He also added that all accusations against him are false and fabricated. He kept denying all charges in the case from first hearing in last quarter of 2017.

Mohammad AI Azazi Defence Lawyer, advocate and partner chairman at the Advanced Advocates and Legal Consultancies in Abu Dhabi said after the trial that “ the father and grandfather of the victim took oath 25 times each of them as per Sharia laws, which is considered to be the last defense of the accused”

AI Azazi, who was appointed by the court to defend the accused in the case, now the court will deliver its final judgment on December 23. The parents of the boy and his grandfather were also present in the court.

The Abu Dhabi Cassation Court presiding judge asked the boy father, Dr. Majid Janjua to take oath under Sharia laws 25 times as per the pieces of evidence and forensic reports the accused raped and strangled his son to death. After Dr. Janjua, the boy grandfather also repeated the oath for 25 times in front of the court.

Azan Majid Janjua, the boy, went missing in the last week of May 2017 and his body was found on his building rooftop on the morning of May 30 when an AC technician went to the area to check malfunctioning chiller. All proved these pieces of evidence found the accused guilty.

To hide identify the accused disguised himself by wearing an abaya after committing the crime.

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