Abu Dhabi: In Bad Weather condition cars and bikes has to follow the deadline of go slow to avoid any kind of major or minor accident. Especially, when bleak weather brings poor visibility, the Traffic Safety Committee in Abu Dhabi announced.

An official has revealed that Bad-weather rules will be enforced when visibility drops to around 200 meters on the roads. During such conditions, this comes as part of the committee’s plan to implement the highest practices in offering road traffic safety.

According to the traffic safety during adverse weather the modified road speeds are determined. On Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street (Abu Dhabi- Dubai- Road) and Shaikh Khalifa Street (AI Saadiyat), the speeds are to be modified to be displayed especially in these places.

However, Motorists are urged to follow the reduced-speed limits until the visibility is clear and return to the regular speed limit signs. A fixed speed limit sign with a traffic light will be installed to notify the drivers to reduce the vehicles speed to 80 km per hour. It has been ensuring that the safety of the public at all times.

Programmes to notify the drivers of changes on roads and sending out safe driving tips, the committee emphasized the importance of benefiting of futuristic solutions and utilizing develop systems.

To send out messages and notifications to warn the drivers and residents of adjacent areas and advise them on what to do to keep them safe during such weathers they can utilize the National Early Warning System.

With the help of different channels like National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology visibility sensors will help to monitor the low visibility on the smart towers and traffic patrols on roads.  
The geographic frame will be identified according to the data and will include adjacent areas too.

In case of lack vision, the committee advised all drivers to comply will the directions shown on the smart towers, follow the identified speed limits and stop their vehicles.

The officials are requested to the drivers to increase the safe distance between their vehicles and the one in front of them to avoid accidents and to never overtake or changes lanes in low visibility conditions.

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