Wellness growth prospects for the new year, paired with a strive to last ruthless in the market, has denoted the employers across the UAE are progressively open to the idea of escalating base incomes for their employees.
According to information from the World Economic Outlook, the UAE economy is established for a wellness development in the coming months, with an expected development of 3% in 2019, due in part to victorious economic authorization. Robert Half Salary Guide for 2019 discovered that 89 % of CEO’s in the UAE are feeling confident about development expectation to acquire development over the next 12 months.
Associate director Gareth EL Mettouri said, “ Confidence is increasing for businesses in the Middle East. More than 42 per cent of CEOs are very confident in their growth prospects over the next year, and 40 per cent expect the outlook to remain positive over the next three years”.
He added: “ Digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence continue to transform the world of work and are quickly becoming necessary in meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving market. Concerns regarding available talent are causing employers to focus on improving retention. The top two initiatives in place are adding more benefits to remuneration packages and offering flexible work options.”
As per the new report by Robert Half, 51 per cent of business leaders in Dubai and 45 per cent in Abu Dhabi say that their primary concern is how an escalating ruthless marketplace is structuring the workforce. The top worries for UAE managers in 2019 add talent management, the globalization, economic climate the progressing world of work, and the application of the automatic system.
For acquiring the development they are expecting for CEOs are seeking to hire and maintain more skilful workers. However, the non-stop war for talent has denoted that 49% of organizations in the UAE are claiming that they discover it importantly laughing to discover qualified professionals. Almost 19% of organizations granted to raising their base-level salaries for eight out of 10 new hires in an effort to secure the top talent.

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