Prosecutors of France said that they were seeking for a 6-month suspended prison sentence for the sister of the Saudi Crown Prince, after she went on trial in absentia in a case related to the thrashing of a workman in her luxury residence in Paris. 

Princess Hassa-bint Salman is being accused of complicity to violence with a weapon and involved in the kidnapping of an Egyptian-born artisan, who was in charge of repair at her father’s place on Avenue Foch in September 2016.

According to the charges, the victim Ashraf Eid told police that bodyguard of the Princess has bound his hand, kicked, and punched him, also forced him to kiss the feet of the Princess, after she alleged him of taking her video on his mobile phone.   

The French prosecutors has further asked that the Princess’ bodyguard has received around 8-months suspended prison sentence, which bothered him and also the Princess to pay off Euro 5000 (£4,496) fine.

Princess Hassa-bint Salman is the sister of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed-bin-Salman, denied any misconduct. 

In November 2017, an international arrest warrant has been issued against her. The bodyguard of the Princess has further denied wrongdoing. 

Neither the Princess nor her bodyguard said that he was beaten up has attended the trail on Tuesday. 

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