A gang of four Chinese men is on trial in Dubai. They have been accused of stealing Dh60,000 worth of luxury watches from a villa. As per reports, the defendants were all visitors to the UAE. They have denied the allegations that they have entered into the villa by breaking in Barsha and committed the burglary.

A German man returned to his villa at 7 pm and saw that the lights of the rooms were off. The incident happened in last years December. “I went inside and five watches worth Dh60,000 were missing,” he said. “The burglars switched off the lights and broke the door. Immediately I alerted police,” said the 34-year-old German victim in court records.

Later, police reported that they have received more similar complaints about similar burglaries in other areas in the city. “The gang was arrested after we received information that they were hiding in the Warsan area of Dubai,” said the police officials.

“They used a hammer to break the glass and then stole the watches,” they added. Meanwhile, the watches were recovered by the police. It is expected that the upcoming date of the verdict will be on March 18.


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