On Sunday, a federal draft law related to the elders was discussed by the Federal National Council’s Social, Labour, Population and Human Resources Affairs Committee. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the FNC General Secretariat in Dubai and was directed by the FNC General Secretariat.
In the meeting, the plans were discussed to review the draft law. A number of representatives of the Ministry of Community Development attended the meeting.
In order to discuss the impact of the law and share ideas to provide services to the senior citizens, authorities will be invited. The law aims to ensure that the elderly enjoy their basic rights and freedoms, as announced by the Constitution and legislation. It will also confirm that the seniors can take part in the community and may contribute to the creation of policies related to them.
The draft law comprises of 23 articles which include the right to privacy, protection, independence, employment, education, social and health care, as well as the confidentiality of information, preferential treatment and proof of age.

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