On Monday, the UAE-based Emirates airline has introduced the world’s shortest A380 flight between Dubai and Muscat. 

It said in a series of Twitter posts, which reads: “The average flight time (40 minutes) between Dubai and Muscat is only five minutes more than the time taken to clean a @Airbus A380 by a team of 42 people.”

“The wiring on an @Airbus A380 (500 km) is longer than the distance between Dubai and Muscat (340 km),” added the airlines. 

A Divisional Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations Centre, Shaikh Majid Al Mualla said that “the introduction of the A380 services to Muscat means more of our customers will have the opportunity to experience our industry-leading products onboard, and will also enhance choice and travel preferences as they plan their journeys.”

“Oman is an important destination for Emirates, and we will continue to look at ways to grow our operations in the market to best serve our customers,” he added. 

The new flights has broken the latest report of Emirates. It previously used to operate the world’s shortest scheduled A380 service between Dubai and Doha. 

However, all flight services to Doha were cancelled in 2017 because of an ongoing diplomatic row between the UAE and Qatar.   

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