The Saudi Media reported on Thursday that at least eight people from two families were killed in an accident after their cars collided head-on in western Saudi Arabia. The accident occurred on Monday afternoon in the governorate of Al Makhwah in the western region of Baha. The crash caused seriously injured, two persons.

The spokesman for Baha civil defense service Jaman Al Ghamdi said, four women, three men, and one child died in the accident. An online newspaper citing unnamed sources said that one of the two injured persons later died in hospital.

Online images show after the crash the two cars reduced to metal wreckage. However, the exact cause of the accident has not been given by the officials but some media reports said it happened because of high speed. In 2017, the number of deaths in road crashes was 10,961 as per official figure.

Most of the cases the reason was found, reckless driving. In a report by the governmental Traffic Safety Committee, it was said traffic accidents in the kingdom have dropped by 33 percent in recent years. The reduction is a result of the stricter enforcement of traffic rules and regulations and expanded use of relevant advanced technology.

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