Shopping should not be a threat to drain the bank account of an individual. It can be a matter of financial rewards, too, at least for the few fortunate. One such lucky person is Angela Mortos, a Filipino immigrant who currently took away with Dh100,00 from a shopping mall in the United Arab Emirates. The nurse belongs from Dubai had spent a total Dh2,000 on several visits to City Center Mirdif during the Shopping Festival in Dubai which concluded this weekend. Her purchases made her eligible to involve in the Million Dirham Wheel campaign of the mall. While it was her turn to rotate the specially structured raffle wheel, Motors hit the Dh100,000 jackpot, which is equivalent to 1.4 million pesos, characterizing her an instant millionaire in her home country. The nurse told, “When they first called me, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was with patients at the medical center that I work for ”.

She also decides to spend some of the money for establishing the graveyard of her expired parents. She added, “They died about ten years ago and their graves need attention. So, this is definitely something the money will go towards ”.

The mall collaborated with the Retail Establishments, as well as Dubai Festivals to provide shoppers a scope to win cash prize during the DSF campaign.


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