Recently a food rumor went viral across social networking sites in the UAE and recently the Dubai municipality has responded to it. The authority has denied all the allegations made against white Chinese garlic.

The rumors alleged that Chinese garlic has spread all over the market and has endangered the lives of consumers. It also said that the Chineses garlic had a harmful effect on the nervous and respiratory system, which also included death.

Denying the claims, the Dubai Municipality said the Chinese garlic being injected with a chemical substance called  “methyl bromide”. The chemical is usually used to keep the garlic look fresh and white for a longer period of time. “This information is not based on any scientific references or official sources. Methyl bromide is used to control insects and fungus found in agricultural soil, and its health effects are limited to inhalation or skin exposure,” explained the municipality.

The municipality in the statement further stated, it “has the expertise to inspect all imported and local food shipments to ensure that it is fit for human consumption.”

On Whatsapp, a smart service was launched by the Dubai Municipality to address rumors which operates round the clock seven days a week. A municipal official said that “The launch of the new service comes in line with the municipality’s principle of transparency and its efforts to quash all rumors being circulated by ensuring the veracity of news sources and spreading social awareness among the public through its various channels”.

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