On Thursday, while speaking at a Special Session on the opening day of Dubai’s Tolerance Summit, a member of the Federal National Council and Zayed House for Islamic Culture’s Director-General, Dr. Nidal Al Tunaiji said that “Everyone has the right to be different. Every job has a human and administrative part to it. We must respect each other’s cultural, ethnic and religious differences and not be judgmental. When mistakes occur, we must remain positive and see it as an opportunity to learn from them and increase productivity.”

Dr. Tunaiji said that Zayed House is a place where people from 23 nationalities togetherly works to promote tolerance by abiding the principles of credibility and trust, adopt the culture of plurality and fosters healthy relationships.

Surender Singh Khandari, Chairperson of the Dubai’s Gurunanak Darbar Gurdwara and Al Dobawi Group said that “Dubai is the best example of how tolerance is practiced. It starts with a young age and schools here teach tolerance as part of moral education.”

Founder and Managing Director of the LAMA Group, Kulwant Singh Lama said that tolerance lies at heart of the hospitality business, adding that “Over 15 million visitors come to Dubai every year. Handling these huge numbers means understanding and appreciating their different cultures and backgrounds.”

However, the Special Session was alleviated by founder and President of Chief Outsiders Consulting Group in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Nouf Al Ghamdi.

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