On Wednesday, the Department of Community Development was launched in Abu Dhabi at an inauguration ceremony held at the Louvre Abu Dhabi by the government officials. The intention is to promote social welfare in areas such as health, family cohesion, housing, and inclusion.

The new department will serve both locals and expatriate residents alike in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, as the department looks to ensure that no resident, whether old or young is left behind, and that all aspects of improving the community are looked after.

Before the opening of the department in Abu Dhabi,  a survey of 51,000 residents was done last year to get a clear picture of which areas needed the most attention.

Mugheer Al Khaili, the newly-appointed Chairman for the Department of Community Development said that “51,000 people participated in this survey, out of which 60 percent of whom were expatriate residents. The survey focused on 14 indicators such as income, housing, jobs, health, education, safety and security, social links and relations, social participation, the environment, cultural values, work, and personal life.”

He also added that “One of the indicators we had was asking respondents if they feel secure and safe in Abu Dhabi, with 90.4 percent saying they felt secure. On the satisfaction of life, the score was 7.11, and job satisfaction was 68.2 percent.”

Al Khaili also said that “Our first priority is to provide a good life for everybody, to have strong and tolerant families, and to embrace all of the community — a community which is active and responsible to achieve all of these aspirations.”

“The vision of the department is to provide a good life for all members of the community, whether citizen or expatriate, and this is based on our values that are taken from our culture and traditions,” Al Khaili said.


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